Reliance CDMA RIP

Junk phones

Reliance Communications (RCom) CDMA services are being shut. The phones which supported only CDMA sim cards or the company-locked phones will add to the plastic waste.

While Reliance CDMA customers are being forced to upgrade to 4G services, there is no word about what will happen to their such CDMA phone sets.

There are roughly five million CDMA customers in the country.

Relaiince CDMASuch rolling out of CDMA services by Reliance is so hasty that customers are expressing shock after receiving very short notices by way of SMS on their phones to migrate to 4G, at once.

Shutting down CDMA services will prevent customers from using their phones which do not support GSM services and as such subscribers will be left with no access to network.

Actor Gul Panag, whose husband owned a CDMA set, said, her Mr. is disappointed over the CDMA-GSM switch over. Gul said his CDMA phone was faithful and that he is very upset about its impending death.

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