Greater Voice logGreater Voice believes writing is resistance and speaking is truth.

Greater Voice stands for individuals at risk, promotes fearless story telling, generates awareness, takes journalism directly to the people helping them break taboos, spreads powerful thoughts and discourages handout journalism.

Greater Voice does not espouse a political point of view on any issue.

Greater Voice seeks to read and report India-specific human rights stories.

Behind all our services and the depth of our coverage, stands the power of G Caffe. Greater Voice founder Neeraj Bhushan aims at making effective use of media to highlight rights issues.

  • VINOD Vithal

    It is a nice experience to go through the profile of one indian journalist with a flame of social journalism.
    Neeraj is a complete journalist face.
    I wish him greater success.

    VINOD Vithal
    Hindustan Times

  • VINOD Vithal

    TOI, HT and PTI makes you a Word-Gun.

  • SRI

    Dear Neeraj,

    Your blog makes interesting reading.


    • Thanks Sri. Pls keep guiding. Your work in PTI was outstanding.

  • तू न थकेगा कभी तू न थमेगा कभी तू न मुड़ेगा कभी कर शपथ, कर शपथ, कर शपथ, अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ

    • Inspirations from people like you keep me alive and kicking.


    I have been regularly surfing your blog, which is quite informative and refreshing. It is, undoudtedly, different from others. Your commentative piece on the insincere concern of the Times of India for raising the perks and salaries of the judges has really hit the nail on the head. This newspaper is, in fact, leading from the front the lobby of the proprietors for contractual appointment of newspaper employees, journalists and non-journalists included. Keep it up.

    • I dont know when the journalist community as a whole would join hands. workers are divided, managements are united.

  • Neeraj was always a very different than others. We have shared quite a long childhood time together at our school hostel. He always exhibited certain traits that I always appreciated. I am sure he is going to do good job as a responsible jounalist citizen of the world.

    We are proud of you buddy. Keep up the good work…

  • Rama Arun

    I congratulate you for taking up social causes in your blog. .

  • Suresh Jaura

    I came across your blog through an article posted on IndiaThinkersNet. There are quite a few articles of interest therein. An IT savvy, professional journalist is not a usual combination.

  • Indrajit Sarkar

    Your blog articles are good and provide latest updates. Your work is appreciated. Keep it up.

  • Arrived at your site via a posting on Creativegarh. And, wondering who the writer was, looked up ‘About the Author’ to find a familar face!

    All the very best, Neeraj.


  • Hi, Nice blog. Stay Fit & Keep Smiling.

  • 🙂 gr8!

  • Shweta Rawat

    I read yr articles….appreciative..

  • Mukund Mohan

    I have been visiting your site often. Honestly, I must reveal a fact that I want to find the site to be reporting on topics that are the most disturbing facts for this generation of people.

    • If you have visited me recently, you will notice that your guidance has enriched this place greatly. Thank you for your constant support.

  • Vincent Ross

    I browsed through your web log and found some nice and interesting articles. May your ‘Greater Voice’ bring you greater success in life.

    • Yes, Vincent. You have been a constant source of my inspiration. Thank you.

  • Nidhi Raj Singh

    I remember the day when he came to take our history class. He was our ‘pied piper’ and turned those boring history lessons into fun. But much more than that, me and everyone from our school, Sunshine High School, Muzaffarpur, Bihar remember him as someone who revolutionised the way we thought, studied, act and even play.

    Orkut fan list tells the tale of his ever-growing influence on us, since the time he was with our school till today. He filled a different energy in all of us. As our in-charge, he brought fresh changes and made us stonger. He introduced news reading in our school assembly, where he encouraged us to be confident while speaking in public and judge which news holds importance.

    I remember preparing new bulletins everyday and I never disappointed him when my turn came. It was our dear Bhushan Sir who motivated us, then and now. Thank you sir.

    But, more than this, Sir has been my silent mentor when I entered the field of journalism. Solving my problems, doubts, blessing me with his ‘aashirwad’ and instilling faith and strength everytime i needed it.

    I was so touched when he handed me one of his early articles (cutting that he kept safely) on Juvenile Delinquency. I was going to write an article on that very topic and taking cues from his article, I went on to interview police officers, lawyers at the juvenile court (Camp Area, New Delhi) and some juvenile children as well. It went on to become my first published article.

    I pray to God for a long spell for an untiring journalist like you and wish to be like you one day (which I know is impossible).
    It is always eye-opening to read topics from your blog. I secretly wish, one day I will be working for your magazine!

    Nidhi Raj Singh
    Feature Writer

    • Thank you Nidhi for these beautiful words. May God bless you.

  • Having been an Editor, I like to think that the first step for a journalist to really become one is to get over the fascination with people who have made it, the rich and the famous.. Its in conecting them to the events of the day that we create a transition to a saner tomorrow..

    I noticed your awe of Kiran Bedi and Shashi Tharoor.. Both have accomplished a lot for someone who started from where they did. There is a lot to be said about them..

    That said, as a journalist, it will be more valuable to question how credible is one’s reputation.. On Kiran, what about interviewing her batch mates, informally talking to them, some seniors, some juniors and try to understand the person before going by what she created for herself?

    For Shashi, a similar approach will reveal a lot more.. Shashi did a great job of managing his career, used his talent to be known as a good writer, charmed friends in NY.. to become a leader is another story..

    I recall when Arun Shourie was fired from Indian Express as its Executive Editor and I was an Assistant Editor sharing a cabin next to Shourie, I asked Surendra Mohan, then Janata Party General Secretary what should Arun do next.. He lost no beat to say.. he should join the party, volunteer for sometime and see where it goes.. In other words, get in the queue..

    I do not know Jaipal Reddy (though have met him a few times) but Arun Jaitley and I started PUCL Bulletin and Sitaram Yechuri was my neighbour in Ganga Hostel in JNU, room numbers 347 and 348 and we studied economics together and Paranjoy has always been generous and I met him when I was the Editor of Dinamaan and he was working for India Today or Pioneer, if I recall correctly.. Each of them has achieved prominence in their respective spheres and it makes one feel great about them..

    It will be helpful if you pick up the key arguments, in simpler ways and put them on your blog.. Often its far easier to judge than to communicate..

    Satish Jha

    • Your above suggestions and advice have benefited me tremendously, Satishji. Thank you very much.

  • hi neeraj

    was good reading your article on TOI being a banana newspaper…media seems to be working on popular and politicallly correct ways than what is is right socailly and morally.

    came to your blog though creativegarh. am also part of a 4 year old blogging community which is seeking to be mor active socially. i think you should join in, your inputs would me most valuable to the community. you can join in at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/delhibloggers/


    • This advice of yours has gone a long way. I realize it today. Thanks for everything.

  • Dear Guruji ! You are doing a commendable job… keep up the good work… and continue to inspire me and many others through your writing.

    • I have your comments on the PTI Diary page, also. I understand how closely you watch me. Thanks buddy.

  • Shakti Singh

    Dear Neeraj,

    Its gr8 to see your blog.

    Your enriched views on complex issues make them understand to a commoner like me.



    • Shakti, Thanks for meeting the other day and congratulating on the George story.

  • Nice to see your blog. I agree here with Satish Jha,

    “It will be helpful if you pick up the key arguments, in simpler ways and put them on your blog.. Often its far easier to judge than to communicate..”

    Keep the flame burning with your blog presentations. All the best…

    – ilaxi

  • Neeraj Mahajan

    Dear Namesake,

    I saw your blog posts. I was really amazed. You have a great death of thoughts and ideas. I am your fan.. I can assure that I will keep coming back again and again.

    Neeraj Mahajan

    • Dear Neeraj,

      Where are you these days. I haven’t heard from you for long, now.

  • Mukesh Varma

    Good initiative. Keep it up. Profile of Ms Jaya Jaitly has been aptly scripted.


    • Thanks Mukesh. Please check out my latest on George under the title I want my George back. Hope you’ll like it.

  • S.K.Bhagat

    I have been a regular visitor of your blog and hold great appreciation for your efforts especially the way you pick up the issues and present them in a coherent yet distinctive way.

    Opinion of others may vary on various issues that you touch upon, but you certainly deserve full-marks for the way you put up your case.

    • Hope Sanjay Da you’re visiting this place regularly, even today. Tips please.

  • Pinaki Chakladar

    Ditto with me…couldn’t agree more with S.K.Bhagat … Neeraj’s post are quite insightful indeed. Would be glad to be part of it..

    Cheers / Pinaki Chakladar

    • Oh Pinaki Da. I am so sorry to have missed writing a reply to your comments then. There was some technical problems. It’s over now.

  • Dear Mr Bhushan,

    I really appreciate this effort and while going through your posts (for the first time today), I really liked the post on KPS Gill.

    It had news that coaxed one to think…

    The post on Jaya Jaitley was also illuminative..

    Real nice place to check regularly.

    Best Regards,

    Aman Bandvi

  • Ashok Wankhade

    Dear Neeraj,

    I appreciate your work on this blog. Thanks to Prof. Bhatia for introducing me to you. I am also a journalist working in Delhi for 20 years and one thing we have in common – I am also from Sainik School (Satara).
    with regards

    Ashok Wankhade

  • Vilas Tokale

    Hi Neeraj,

    Nice blog. Stumbled upon it by chance. I have already bookmarked the blog URL, so no stumbling by chance in future!

    By the way, I am also a Sainik School type — Satara. In journalism since 1988. Presently Chief Political Correspondent, PTI, Mumbai. You were also in PTI, so one more coincidence!

    All the best.

    Vilas Tokale

  • Dear Neeraj Bhai,
    Well said about late Rahul. He became the victim of regionalism. This is really shocking act of Mumbai police how brutal they are? They killed an innocent youngman.
    A son of Bihar
    Ahmad Rasheed

    • Yes, the victim of regionalism. I would like to touch this and improve my mind-set too.

  • Pankaj Bhushan

    Congratulations. I like your blog.

  • V.S.Ramanathan

    Greetings and good day. I read your articles, it is really fantastic. Specially when you write about the unsung heroes like Prof. Bhatia who at this age is so active and humorous. Your indepth analysis keeps me reading till the last. I wish Prof. Bhatia a very long life and shower his blessings to all the journalist fraternity.

    • Yes, Prof. Bhatia is so enthusiastic and energetic. These days he is not keeping well. Still, his will-power is tremendous. Thanks for writing.

  • Parikshit

    It was really nice reading your blog. It is wonderful.

  • Parikshit

    The article ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ is awesome. I liked it very much. Maa and Papa also appreciated it.

    • Thanks. May you get inspired from your mother as well.

  • amrendra

    सादर नमस्कार, sir

    कितना कुछ अब भी बचा है उसमें

    मृत्यु के लिए

    कितना अपमान कितनी उदासी

    कितने शब्द क्रोध में पनपे

    कितना कुछ समाप्त कर गईं ख़ुशियाँ

    अपने स्वागत में

    जीवन का सारा मोह ही जैसे रिस गया

    स्वाभिमान में ऎंठी इच्छा निराशा में डूबी आख़िर

    न प्यार न ख़ुशी

    उसने इन्तज़ार किया

    बस इन्तज़ार

    अजीब इन्तज़ार

    आह ! मगर किसका??

  • Dear Neeraj Ji,

    Got to know about you through mails related to Bihar and Biharis. I am also from Bihar and doing my self practice of CA in Delhi since 2002.

    Nice to see your website and blogs.

    My best wishes for upcoming 2010 and all future years.

    Best regards

    Shashi Mohan

    • Thanks Shashi Mohanji for visiting and commenting.

      Hope we shall be in touch. Happy X’mas and New Year to you, too.

  • The caption and the subsequent details about Mr. Nebraj Bhatia are quite motivating to live long happily.

    By the way, did you ever study in Muzaffarpur? I had been there as a student from 1957-1960 and even now I often feel quite nostalgic about the city.

    And if not personal, was Group Captain U.S.Shrivastava the principal of your school in Purulia?

    • Oh! I am glad Mr. Bhatia’s story continues to attract many eye balls. May he have a long life and may he inspire so so many people.

      Further, my primary schooling was done at Muzaffarpur only. My ancestral house is also there. If you go to google earth and point to Muzaffarpur, you will find my jottings there also. During my studies at the Sainik School, I regret Group Captain US Shrivastava was never our principal.

      Thank you so much Mr. Sahay for visiting and taking pains to write a comment.

      I remain obliged.

  • Thanks for the info on MJ! This is a great blog by the way.

    • Thanks for visiting and thanks also for the good words. Please keep posting your feedbacks. Your views are important to me.

  • Your blog is very interesting and I see a lot of synergies in your content and content on my blog.

    In Solidarity


    • Oh, yes .. solidarity. Yes, solidarity. Please keep writing and keep sharing.

  • Thanks Neeraj Ji for adding me into your network at Indiblogger. I don’t know what you liked in my writing, but anyway thanks.


    • मुझे आपका ‘खाली दिमाग’ अच्छा लगा. सचमुच.

  • shashikant vanikar

    Dear Neeraj-ji,

    I came here via a website; but my journey, while seeing and reading your articles, and especially your profile, thrilled me as a common human being. I like you, I love you as a modest human being who is conscious about his work, his society and a lot. Congrats and All The Best for your Bright Future. Salaam to YOU !!!!

    • Many thanks for visiting. Thanks also for commenting.

      Shashikantji, I am just doing my duty. Love always.

  • Hi Neerajji:

    Thank you for adding me, but I was wondering why. What interested you to add to the network.with the blog /blogger which actually doesn’t exist The blog has been deleted.

    Many Thanks

    • To encourage you to get back to blogging. Your blog title is a good idea, indeed. Revive it. Best.

      • Thank you so much. That’s really nice and so thoughtful. My blog had been tampered with and linked with unwanted sites. I was really proud and happy about the title, but “India Girl” turned out to be a wrong search word and the pride with which the blog had been created, got completely dumped. I had to delete the blog, after three years of hardwork. Many of my readers have continuously been motivating me to put it back for awhile now. I was completely blown out coz of the bad effect it caused on me. I will for sure put it back, once I feel more confident of facing/restricting these kinds of hurdles.

        Thank you sooooo much. It’s really so nice and thoughtful of you.

        I really appreciate it.

        Many Thanks

        • I can understand the pain and anguish you have undergone.

          I have always believed Living Well Is The Best Revenge.

          You must come up with the same title, revive the blog. You must write, the title must live. Let me know what can I do!

          Be happy, feel happy, make all happy. Best.

      • sindhu

        Respectful Neeraj-ji

        Guess my previous reply has not got saved. Anyway my sincere thanks for this nice encouragement.

        • Every reply is saved, here and replied to. I value each of them. I read all. Some time then, of course, is lost during moderation. Hope you act on the counsel. I am awaiting.

          • sindhu

            It’s really really encouraging. I love that title like I loved every alphabet of the content in that blog. I don’t want to let go off the title. I’m just waiting for the cached links to be off from google search. It’s been three months since I deleted the blog. I still find some links. Probably, I wish all the wrong links goes off by the end of march. I’m planning to put it back, refurnishing it completely, in the first week of April.

            “You must come up with the same title, revive the blog. You must write, the title must live. Let me know what can I do!”

            Thank you so much. This is so supportive and encouraging. I sure will get back to you for any guidance or help.

            Have a Great Day Ahead!

          • My pleasure. I am happy.

  • manhar choudhary

    hi neeraj ji,

    read your blog. u are the face of journalism with ethics.

    • THANKS. But I am just doing my duty. Please keep on giving feedbacks. Regards.

  • Dear Mr Neeraj,

    Thanks for adding me to your network. I am glad that you liked my blog interesting enough to be added. Please keep visiting.

    • Thanks for noticing my visit. Your blog has some great potential and I mentioned in my comments. Best.

  • जैसा कि आपने मेरे ब्लॉग पर लिखा है मेरा ब्लॉग भी मेरे बारे में है और उनलोगों के बारे में भी, जिनके बिना मैं वो न होती, जो मैं आज हूँ, जो कुछ भी हूँ.

    आपके बारे में जानकर अच्छा लगा. you are full of life, which is most important thing.

    मैं भी ज़िन्दगी जीने में विश्वास करती हूँ और अपना समय पैसा कमाने में बर्बाद नहीं करना चाहती as you do. लोग सुख-शान्ति के लिये पैसे के पीछे भागते हैं और सुख-शान्ति ही खो देते हैं.

    good to see you. keep in touch.

    • It is my pleasure to have your comments here, Aradhana. Thank you for the beautiful words. Keep sharing.

  • I mean what I said. Thanks for visiting me, also.

  • Oh thanks. U quietly visited in the meanwhile. Thanks yeah.

  • Manoj Kumar

    Quite different blog. Of course it has to be given the issues you are taking up. I was send your link by a friend. I thank him for letting me know about a journalist who is an activist. I would really like to see you emerge as a great journalist, a great activist. My heart is with you. Can I also donate to your cause? Please let me know and please do not refuse.

    • Thanks to you and your friend too. Thanks also for your wishes and good words.

      As regards donation, I appreciate your sentiments and the genuine offer. However may I inform you that I do not accept any kind of donations for my cause.

      Thank you once again.

  • बधाई हो, आपने ब्लॉग और ब्लोगरों के सम्मान को बढ़ाने के साथ-साथ ब्लॉग के महत्व व सार्थकता को भी सबके सामने रख दिया है.

    मैं ब्लॉग को हर गावं में पहुंचाने के लिए प्रयत्न कर रहा हूँ और इस काम में मैं चाहता हूँ की आप भी मुझे तर्कसंगत सुझाव दें जिससे मेरे इस काम में कम से कम कमियां रहे.

    आप मुझे इ.मेल या मुझसे मोबाइल पर बात कर मुझे अपना बहुमूल्य सुझाव दे सकते हैं.

    मेरा मकसद इतना है की गावं के लोग इस देश को लूटने वालों को जान सकें और उनके खिलाफ आवाज ब्लॉग के जरिये उठा सकें.

    मेरा मोबाइल नंबर है 09810752301

    • Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your work too. Please do not hesitate in seeking my cooperation in whatever you are doing or trying to do. Please be in touch. Thank you once again.

  • Thanks Ramona.

  • Shashidhar

    Dear Neeraj,

    Your writings are definitely thought provoking. I was part of media sometime back. As expected of us, I too kept searching for news. and derived pleasure out of the process of ‘story run’… but ‘insaan so gaya hai’. Words fail to shake him up. People continue to sleep… despite us.

    Maybe we, the journalists, need to pinch and poke them… maybe we need to go to their homes and ring the bells to help them come out of their deep slumber… but for what? Probably “svaantah sukhaay’ would be a better term to use rather than calling ourselves ‘revolutionist’… since we have not been able make any 🙂

    Still wish you luck and I will definitely keep visiting to know what are you upto.


    • Dear Shashidhar,

      Your help in changing the atmosphere will always be needed, as much as it is essential also.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Dear Neeraj.

    Excellent thought provoking articles, good insight…. I can see genuine efforts to bring about change, at least in the mindsets of people.

    I salute your spirit. Keep it up!

    – Agyaatdarshan

    • Dear Agyaatdarshan,

      This is how new cultures start. While the words of my blog come from my heart, its beauty comes from persons like you.

      Thank you for visiting.

  • Akhilesh Kumar


    I read your blog and the comments. You have undergone tremendous sufferings for fellow beings but faced them bravely. It is indeed amazaing that the fire in you still burns even after M.K.Razdan and his henchmen left nothing to snuff you. You are continuing to fight for the justice for all your friends which is really great and hats off to you.

    I want to make certain suggestions which may help in your fight to expose these parasites on PTI.

    1. As you know PTI was formed under the Company’s Act of 1913 as a non profit organisation with tons of benefits from governments so that any profit would be ploughed back for the development of PTI and also welfare of the employees. This practice continued till late Mr. Unikrishnan was ED. But as soon as Razdan took over he forgot everything and managed to buy the federation leaders and some other so called salelable union activists to perpetuate his rule and trample the freedom of the employees. He through a few crumbs to his tail wagging puppies and started draining PTI hard earned money on his family and his own luxury and enjoyments with board of directors dancing to his tune since they are not paid any dividend and they got what they want from PTI under diffrent heads.

    PTI is a trust and Razdan cannot use the money as he likes since government gives lot of money as freebies and incentives for the employees. Razdan cannot spend this money of the employees for his own enjoyment. He has bought more than ten luxurious cars for his own family and himself in the last ten years in office which no GM had done. All GMs used a non-AC ambassador. Whereas for the employees who work to keep the PTI banners flying and earn money for it there is no money in Razdan kitty even for complying with their basic necessities.

    All this could be exposed if an external auditing is demanded in the court since PTI is a Trust and trust money cannot be squandred or pilfered as Razdan does.

    2. Razdan is ruthless with his critics; whoever dares to oppose him is transferred. PTI should have a transfer policy to stop Razdan’s acting whimscally and using the weapon of transfer brutally. A policy should also be demanded. Most of the transfers are request transfers where no TA/DA is paid. If the list of staff members of different centers are scanned one can find that more than 85% staff members have not been transferred and they retire there. Only those who raise the voice against Razdan’s atrocities they are punished. This could only be found out if all India staff list is demanded to be produced in the court and the each name is verified. Razdan’s lies would be exposed. A deamnd should also be made that central government should take care of the administration since it pays a huge amount as incentives to PTI and appoint a new board with retired judges and bureaucrats as members. The present board is incapable to do anything to stop Razdan.
    People with administrative capabilities and pro-employee people attitude should govern PTI. Razdan claims to be an excellent journalist but regretfully he does not have an iota of quality to be a journalist.

    Journalist has to be compassionate, humane and pro people. Whereas, Razdan does not have any of this qualities. It is shame that he is blot in the name of Journalist.

    3. You should also write to PM how he patronises such a demon who is not at all a journalist and blot on it. Write to judges and other bureaucrats why they should visit at the invitation of Razdan who is more cruel than Hitler. When so many cases are pending in the court against him how they visit. Their visit has impact on the cases. You should tell them if they respected human values then they should not accept Razdan’s invitation and take lunch with him and his puppets.
    The only way to fight Razdan is by exposing his misdeeds and misappropriation he commits by misappropriating the TRUST money on his personal enjoyments.

    4. If you fight on this line you will demolish this frankstein Razdan and his coteries. Otherwise the fight against him which concerns individual would yield no results.

    5. You go through a case relating to Visakha molestation. Razdan cannot be condoned for keeping slient when a day light molestation took place in the office and he remained silent.

    If you agree with my suggestions send your comments.

    May be if God’s will we may meet and I may have proposal for all your comrades to earn their livelihood with dignity.

    • Thank you for taking time to send such great advice across. I have noted all your suggestions. Please be assured, the needful is being done.

      Thank you once again for writing. Regards.

  • All I can say is “This is inspiring” and I seem to have bumped in right place and right time. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring.

    • Thanks Rajesh. It is wonderful to connect. Keep sharing 🙂

  • Awesome, Neeraj. I went through your about page and I am highly impressed. Indeed life is not fair in India, especially for those who actually want to contribute positively.

    In India, beauraucratic organisations like yours can get away with anything. You cannot fight the administration, no matter how much you try- this is an advice people like you will get. I know, I too have been given this sage advise.

    I came to this page thanks to your email to me, which you sent to me about my song blog. It is lovely to find your site.


    • Thanks Atul. There are more meaningful things that people like you and I are doing. Isn’t it!

      In the words of one of my friends: Sometimes in our daily lives we do get an opportunity for doing a simple act of kindness, the joy of which is so purifying and lingering.

      Keep smiling and the world will smile. Thanks again.

  • G

    Way to go Neeraj……way to go….. u r quite an inspiration to many of us.
    Im very impressed and inspired by your thoughts and deeds.
    Keep writing.
    As said let the fire of enthusiasm burn………always.
    This attitude of life will take you places.
    May god always smile on u.
    All the very best.

    • God bless you. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks again.

  • Hello Sir Neeraj,

    You have passed by on my weblog (http://aljonpartz.wordpress.com) and you liked my latest post (http://aljonpartz.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/29-how-to-overcome-the-pain-in-your-heart-broken-glass/).

    Thank you so much for that awesome effort, Sir.

    I read the entire portion of your “about” page and it was very wonderful to know that you are one of an aspiring journalist. I am also a student journalist Sir now and at the same time I work since I am a working student.

    I would love to interact with you more soon sir and ask you some advice on how to grow my professionalism in writing as a student journalist, if you don’t mind. Allow me to follow your blog for any latest updtes of yours. It is very overwhelming that most of my friend here in wordpress or most of the bloggers here were a bunch of journalist. I really love it, and you are one of those brilliants, Sir.

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    Jon Page

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